Discover Mahatma

  • Vision & Mission

    To create an environment to foster personal growth and the development of individual capacity to transform society through service

    Our goals

    • To train new generations of youth who will excel morally and academically.
    • To create a generation of world citizens dedicated to serving humanity.
    • To emphasize understanding over mere accumulation of information.


    • Excellence in all undertakings.
    • To go beyond the basic academic development.
    • To enable students to become active, responsible participants in a systematic process of building a world civilization.
    We Believe in
    • Fostering strong academic and moral excellence in students.
    • Quality education through the execution of the best professional practices in curriculum development, analysis, instruction and staff development.
    • Establishing a good learning environment by ensuring personal well being.
    • Diversity that enriches the school and everybody associated with it.
    • Trust and respect as essential prerequisites for healthy relationships.
    • Service to humanity as a source of strength and means for perfection.
  • Meet our principal

    The past twenty years have confirmed my convictions and belief in the great power of human spirit and endeavor. The accomplishments at Mahatma Residential School during this period have been quite significant.

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that the entire Mahatma community, without exception, has been collectively responsible for helping this great institution of learning ascends the summit of excellence.

    The school management has continued to serve as a guiding light, shepherding one and all at Mahatma with care and tenacity along the path of advancement and growth. The staff have played an admirable part by imbibing, with single-minded determination and commitment, the high expectations that is inevitably associated with the vital responsibility of shaping tender hearts, minds and souls.

    The students, the focal centre of all activities at Mahatma and the very reason for its existence, have also played their unique role by aligning themselves with the desirable conduct and application that ensures their all-round development at school. A vivid expression of an increasingly profound sense of responsibility and ownership towards their own learning and development, an enhanced ability to resist peer pressure and take morally sound decisions, and a predisposition towards cooperation and mutual support in helping one another in the fields of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities are only a few attributes that characterise our students at Mahatma today.



  • Mahatma at a glance

    Mahatma stands tall and caters to every need of the modern parent who seeks an all-round development for their child in a boarding school environment. Be it academics, sports, extra- or co-curricular activities, Mahatma has it all with most of its focus on the academic and moral development of the students.

    To create an all-round personality of a student, a boarding school has always been the best option where students learn to think and act independently and take responsibility of their actions.

    • The institution is backed by 30 years of edification and child development.
    • The school is affiliated to the State Education Department of the Government of Tamilnadu.
    • School Recognition Number : 013-M-0091-0516.
    • The school has grades 4 through 12.
    • The school is situated in a sprawling 45 acres of land.
    • The school houses computer lab, Science Labs, IKEN Design and Technology Room, Imageminds art and animation lab and Educomp Smart class in all class rooms. The vast library inventory is a definite knowledge bank.
    • The school has received International School Award from the British Council.
    • We partner with British Council and we exchange teachers under Global School Partnership and Connecting Classrooms.
    • We have associated with the University of IOWA under “India Winterim Program”
    • To bring structured, scientific holistic development in the sports arena we have incorporated Edusports.
    • We collaborate with Anglo Chinese Junior College, Singapore to train our students in international debating and dramatics.
  • Our history

    Mahatma was founded in the year 1983 by Mrs. Premalatha Panneerselvam and Mr. Panneerselvam. Mrs. Latha envisioned a unique school – a place where teachers, Parents and children are truly partners in education.

    The school started functioning in a new building at Gopalakrishnan Grounds, K.K.Nagar, Madurai in a pollution free and peaceful environment from 1989. The demand for a good residential school and the growing demand for quality education led to the birth of Mahatma Residential School in the year 1992. The school is located at the foothills of Alagarkoil, 20 Kilometres away from Madurai, has an idea and serene environment which is very congenial to learning and the pursuit of knowledge.

    As the multi storyed school building at KK Nagar could not accommodate the ever increasing student strength, it was decided to start a new school to meet the growing need. In that process Mahatma, Baba Building came up in June, 2005. Mahatma’s aim of giving quality education to more and more students through a series of structured curricular and co-curricular activities moved a step ahead.

    There was a growing need in preparing students to compete at the national level with pride and stride towards excellence. To cater the need of such students, Mahatma Montessori School – CBSE came up. It is the fourth branch of Mahatma Schools and is functioning efficiently from June 2008, in the Silver Jubilee building, “Akkamma”, next to Mahatma, Baba Building.

    Mahatma aims to reach higher goals in the future with a strong commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Our faculty

    Mahatma Residential School is a school with a difference and offer the highest standards of academics interwoven with exemplary levels of co-curricular activities. A team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers support the ideal growth of children. They are aided with state-of-the-art science laboratories, computer labs, audio – visual teaching aids and a well stocked library with a large repository of textbooks, reference books, resource books and world encyclopedias.

    A team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers is the pride of Mahatma Residential School. Mahatma Residential School has highly motivated and well-trained faculty, whose professional skills are constantly upgraded. They are trained to use modern technology to bring out the best teaching practice in them. We have a dedicated resource centre for our teachers with computers, necessary software and other educational tools. The faculty of Mahatma Residential School shapes its special characters. Our faculty understands and imbibes the Mahatma Culture and Ethics.

    Our track record is the confirmation for the dedication of our staff. We have produced state ranks, District toppers and 100 percent pass results in our continuous journey.

    The eminent team of the senior administrative heads of the school
    • Mr. G. Venkataraman, Principal.
    • Mr. Sahideen, Vice Principal.
    • Mr. R.Elangovan, Vice Principal.
    • Mrs. Joan of Arc Bernard, Head Mistress.
    The administrative team members
    • Mr. G. Venkataraman, Principal.
    • Mr. Sahideen, Vice Principal (Administration).
    • Mr. R.Elangovan, Vice Principal (Academics).
    • Mrs. Joan of Arc Bernard, Head Mistress.
    International studies
    • Mr.C.P.Ravi
    • Ms. Rajalakshmi, Co-ordinator.
    • Mrs. Dhanalakshmi, Co-ordinator.
    • Mrs. Bhavanisree, Co-ordinator.
    • Mrs. Sikkander Jahan, Co-ordinator.
  • Our board

    Mahatma Schools is run by the E.Rm.E.Rengasamy Educational Society. The society owns and manages two day schools and one fully residential school under the common curriculum and one day school under the CBSE curriculum. It has over 750 staff and over 10,000 students in all four different campuses.

    It determines the schools’ strategic vision builds and manages infrastructure, establishes rules and procedures andoversees the fiscal management.

    Mr. R. Panneerselvam M.A., M.Phil, E.Rm.E.Rengasamy Educational Society
    Secretary & Correspondent
    Mrs. Premalatha Panneerselvam M.A., M.Ed., E.Rm.E.Rengasamy Educational Society