Boarding & Facility


The school takes such excellent care of the children that the word "home sickness" ceases to exist in their vocabularies. Separate dormitories are provided for the sub junior, junior, senior and super senior boys and girls so that children grow up among their own peers and among the same age groups.  They are aesthetically designed with optimum convenience. All the dormitories are well ventilated and with all the basic facilities. All the rooms are well furnished. Boys from Grade IX stay in dormitories where 6-8 students will stay. Other students will stay in furnished two bedrooms. Each floor has a separate study room. Each floor of the dormitory is run under the care of a house parent who keeps a close watch on the physical health and academic progress of the students. A matron-in-charge supervises the other routine work regarding cleanliness and laundry. The dormitories are kept clean and tidy at all times and this work is done when the children are in the classrooms. At any time of the day and on any day, the dormitory is clean to the very minute detail. Fumigation is done frequently. The toilets are provided with the best of sanitary ware, and all measures are taken to maintain the best standards of health and hygiene.

Kitchen and dining hall

The school serves well balanced, delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that represents cuisine from different parts of our country. All the members of staff dine with the students. The in house bakery adds further zest to dining – Puffs, and other mouth watering savouries are served. The Catering facilities of the School are managed and run by School to ensure quality, nutrition and hygiene. The menus are not fixed and are changed fortnightly. The kitchen is well equipped with modernized state of the art equipments. We serve reverse osmosis purified drinking water.

Electricity and water

Bore wells and noiseless power generators ensure uninterrupted water and power supply. High boundary walls make the campus safe and secure. CC TVs are positioned at the entrance and at all vantage points primarily to complement the non-invasive security system. Internet access is available on campus. We have kitchen gardens which meet the needs of the school kitchen and a range of cows to supplement our milk need. The kitchen garden also teaches our students the forgotten value of agriculture. As we produce organic manure to meet our needs, students understand the need to protect the soil and the value of going organic. We provide purified drinking water to secure the health of the students.

Health care

The school infirmary is headed by a full time, qualified, residential Hospital Sister who lives on campus and is on 24 hour call. She has at her service experienced Medical Assistants as well as state of the art medical equipment. In addition, the school has ensured the daily supervisory presence of a prominent physician. Specific cases of Dental, eye care and other cases are referred to the super speciality hospitals in Madurai.

Care and cleanliness

There is trained housekeeping staff responsible for maintaining cleanliness around the campus and to ensure hygiene whether in hostel, class or dining hall. The rooms and cupboards are checked regularly to make sure children keep their personal area clean and organized, thus inculcating important habits right from the start. Children are bound to miss their parents and home at some point of time. The school takes care to provide emotional and parental love by creating a teacher student relation that is warm, informal, and based on mutual understanding and respect. The House Parent makes sure the day-to-day needs of students are met. There is also a counselor on hand to assist any child through whatever is preventing them from achieving their full potential.

Student store

We have a store to meet the stationery needs. The store provides cosmetic materials like, soap, oil etc., and light snacks.