Activities & Sports

Beyond the class room

Mahatma has made a name for itself for its sporting traditions. A considerable amount of effort and resources are invested each year for ensuring the students of Mahatma have access to the latest facilities associated with most games and sporting activities. Participation in games and sports is mandatory for students and they are encouraged to choose from a wide variety of disciplines which include: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Throw ball, Volleyball and Table Tennis.


The school boasts of separate grounds and modern facilities for each of these games and sporting disciplines in its vast campus. Additionally, each of these sporting disciplines is served by specialized coaches who oversee the daily training of students. Students regularly participate in internally organized inter-house competitions and inter-school events that help them acquire greater proficiency and experience in sports. Sportsmanship is something that every Mahatma athlete is trained to develop, execute and internalize.

The school organizes its Annual Sports Day at a large scale which affords the students to showcase their sporting talents and skills before their parents and the rest of the school. House points are awarded to the participants of the four Houses which are then declared on Sports Day each year.

Cocurricular Activities

The difference between a day and boarding school primarily lies in the extra- and co-curricular activities. The activities include; Veena, Violin,Mirudangam, Bharatanatiyam, Western Dance, Key board, Drums, Vocal, Karate and Skating.

Trekking and Value Camps

Students are sent in age-appropriate groups for periodic camping and trekking trips around the neighbouring mountains of the school. There are trained staff to ensure safety and participation of all students. Value camps are the most liked activities by the students where students actively participate in value based activities and learn the values by experience. Their expertise in cooking their own meals, preparing activities makes their day more interesting.

Apart from several other activities, students actively participate in the school’s Annual Day, Teacher’s Day and other scheduled programmes that are planned in the calendar year.

All these activities are aimed at improving the students’ self-confidence and to prepare them to go on the stage in school and in life. The fine-tuning of a child’s talent is done via these activities which lend a lot of excitement, fun and contribute to the holistic learning at Mahatma.

Weekend Clubs

Mahatma International School runs a number of programmes aimed  primarily at the all-round development of  students. These  specialized programmes serve to impart students with the necessary emotional, moral and intellectual support, even as they provide them with  specific assistance and  guidance  useful to them for making decisions about their future careers.

Open House and Circle Time

Mahatma Residential School has initiated unique programmes called the Open House and Circle Time that seek to involve the students more intimately in those aspects of the school that ultimately affect them. The Open House seeks to provide a forum to students for discussing school related matters, decide and act upon lines of action that will help improve the school’s overall functioning. It is intended to provide the students with the opportunity of getting more involved in the school’s operation, understand the reason for rules and regulations that are determined, and suggest, in a positive and productive manner, ways and means by which the school’s Mission and Goals can be better achieved. The Open House involves the active participation of the students of Grades 7 and above, and is fully conducted and managed by the senior staff. The Circle Time involves students in solving the problems that arise in their area or group. The Open House and Circle Time are also intended to introduce the students of Mahatma to India’s rich Parliamentary traditions, and train them in consultation and discussion, decision-making, and engaging in collective and unified action.


As in all schools, Mahatma follows the house point system which is updated every week for all students to note. Points are awarded for tournament winners and for participation in school extra-curricular and sports activities. The winning house is declared on the Annual Sports Day based on all the participation and point-tally of previous events.

Campus Vibes

This is the magazine that not only carries the articles but also teaches the students to design and prepare a magazine on their own. The magazine carries the activities of the term and at the end of the year a special bulletin will be released.