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Our First Batch students have completed graduation,
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World Environment Day - CYCLE RALLY

Mahatma Schools Observed "world Environment day" on June 13th 2017 by 8.30 am.

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A Short Programe was organised ,Inaugurated by the Cheif Guest Ms.Mridhula Ramesh,Director TVS Textiles. The Cheif Guest Flagged off the "CYCLE RALLY" Which included 100 active Participants. The Rally was escorted by the Police Force.

Art Exhibition 2016

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Pongal Celebration

Pongal o Pongal at Mahatma

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Pongal is celebrated to thank the SUN God for the year's harvest.In our school we celebrated pongal to make the students participate and understand the significance of Pongal.Our students cheerfully celebrated pongal.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas,the birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated delightfully.Class VIII performed very well in the Christmas program.

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Christmas,the birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated delightfully.Young and enthusiastic children enacted the birth of christ,sung the praise of Lord,not missing on the Christmas Santa who made the children jump in excitement by his very presence. It was a time of joy for all.


THE MAHATMA SCHOOLS and ISRO Bangalore organised the MASROSAT'S on 30th December with grand inaugural function.

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MAHATMA schools, Madurai and ISRO Bangalore organized the MASROSAT’S PROPULSION (Science Exhibition) on December 30th, 2016 with grand inaugural function. Mahatma schools planned various activities well ahead and the programme was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the District collector Mr.V.Veera Raghava Rao I.A.S., and renowned scientists Dr. T. V.Venkateshwaran, from ISRO. It was followed by the speech of the chief guests, Our Senior Principal Madam Mrs.Premalatha, and also by the CEO, Madurai. The scientists also shared their experiences and inspired students by their speech. Students from various schools in and around Madurai exhibited their projects and were awarded with prizes for the best exhibits. The students got a good exposure about ISRO and about the happenings in ISRO. The Masrosat was another golden feather to Mahatma’s cap.

Saibaba's Birthday

Saibaba's birthday was celebrated gloriously in the school premises.

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Saibaba birthday was celebrated gloriously in the school premises. The students from each class sung bhajans in praise of saibaba.Special prayers were presented by X and XII to seek saibaba's blessings.

Nakshatra Vidhyathi 2016

Students are identified based on their academic performance, discipline and inter personnel skills as Nakshatra Vidhyarthi's and were awarded.

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Nakshatra Vidhyarthi's are identified from each class based on their academic performance, discipline and inter personnel skill. They were awarded on the occasion of children's day.

Food and Hygiene club

Health is connected with quality food..We have to eat plenty,stay plenty and save penny.These were expressed in the activities.

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Health is connected with quality food.Healthy food and good rest keep us waay from stress.Food fixes our mood.It taste is short term nutrition is long term.We have to eat plenty,stay plenty and save penny.These were expressed in the activities. 

Children's Day 2016

Children's day celebrated to remind the students how precious childhood is.Fun,joy,sharing experience happen on that day between teachers and students

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Chidren's day was celebrated to remind the students how precious childhood is!. It is the sweet,stainless bloom. Classwork,homework,test,grade,progress report all these will be forgotten to be remembered often.Fun,joy,sharing experience happen on that day between teachers and students.

Value Camp Class IX

Class IX was taken to value camp on 12.11.2016

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Value camps are organised to take the children out from schedule and to revive them.Our class IX students were taken for a value camp on 12.11.2016. Started with Meditation,aerobics,trekking,visit to organic farm and ended with children playing games.

Spiritual Club

Clubs are organised to bring out the potential of the students.Spiritual club is one among it to sow spiritual values in students.

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Clubs are organised to help students to identify their ability and to develop it.There are various clubs, spritual club is one such club to make students understand the value of it. Started with "Pranayama",followed by quotes from Bhagavad gita Bible Kuran,followed by Spiritual songs,ended with dance drama.   


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine. Pranic healing introduction was given to our high school students today.

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Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful & effective system of no-touch energy healing,it is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine.Introduction to pranic healing was organised for our high school children.Basic meditation was taught to them.

Value Camp Class XI

Value camp is a part of our school activity to imbibe values in our students. On 05.11.2016 Class XI students were taken for value camp.

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All the students from various classes will be taken for value camp on different days. On 05.11.2016 class XI students were taken for value camp. It started with Yoga  followed by trekking , then students had an art workshop continued by visit to the organic farming , it was concluded by student playing games.

IT Corruption and Vigilance week 2016

In order to bring awareness among students on corruption and vigilance week various competitions were conducted and winners were honoured on 04/11/16

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In order to bring awareness among students on "IT Corruption and Vigilance" various competitions were conducted by NLC and NTPL. The winners were honoured at a function on 04/11/16  in our school premises. Mr. Suresh from vigilance department presided and distributed the prizes. Mr.LINE Ganesh gave the key note address.

Mahatma 4th Annual Drama Festival

Mahatma Celebrated 4th annual drama festival on 2.11.16 and 3.11.16.

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                  Mahatma 4th Annual Drama Festival 2016-17

The Mahatma Drama Festival began in the year2013 and is being conducted every year in the month of November. This year as usual the Semi-finals  was conducted in respective schools and the finals was conducted on 2nd November 2016 with an inaugural function. The judges were eminent personalities and the dramas performed by the children were excellent and got a lot of appreciation and applause.

Laudable Light Festival

"Waste is Art" is incredible in mahatma. The disposable bottles were made colorful bulbs and is a rangoli as Diwali display.

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"Waste is Art" is incredible in mahatma. The disposable bottles were made colorful bulbs and is a rangoli as Diwali display.

Diwali Celebrations and Charity

On the occasion of Diwali the blind people were invited and our senior school children distributed new dress and sweet for all the visitors.

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Mahatma celebrates all the festivals with colour, vigour and charity to cultivate the values.On the occasion of Diwali the blind people were invited and our senior school children distributed new dress and sweet for all the visitors and were happy by making them happy.

GeoTagged Photograph of our School

We Proudly display our campus picture - satellite view through Geo Tagging.

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                                                   Geo Tagging

Geotagging is most commonly used for photographs and can help people get specific information about where the picture is taken or the exact location.We Proudly display our campus picture - satellite view through GeoTagging.

Guinness Book Of Record (Largest human Finger Print)

To Celebrate the birthday of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, "Human Largest Finger print" formation by our children was organised.

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                                                               "Largest Human Finger Print"
for the Immotal Human Dr.A.P.J.Kalam. Dr.A.P.J.Kalam's birthday was honoured and celebrated by the madurai,Mahatma Group of Schools in collaboration with the madurai rotarians,Rotary club of Madurai king city on 15.10,2016 in the School Grounds. More than 1200 children were blessed to take part in this noble occasion. It is an honour for the Management and the sponsors to conduct such an mega event.

Ashta Lakshmi

Our students of class X dressed like Ashta Lakshmi to celebrate Navaratiri.

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                                                                Ashta Lakshmi

 The advent of Ashtalakshmi in our school with all the girsl dressed up as Goddess Lakshmi and there was parade. 



Live Golu

Our Children dressed up like "Golu Dolls" for live golu display to make Navaratiri special event.

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                                                                       LIVE GOLU

Mahatmites arranged a live golu with students dressed up as God's, Godesses, saints, animal, birds etc. A wonderful moment and experience for the children to act and pose like dolls. 

Navaratiri Golu

We had Marvelous "Golu" display by our ART department based on Year Theme.

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                                                                  Navaratiri Golu

Navaratri Golu is a display of dolls on the occasion of Saraswathi Pooja and Vijayadasami. It is celebrated in the tamil month of puratasi every year. From our school we celebrated the occasion by displaying Golu based on different themes,organised very well by our ART department.

Mega Dance Carnival

Mega Dance Carnival was held on 07.10.2016 in our school campus for celebrating Navaratiri. Our children enjoyed "Garba dance".

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On the occasion of Dusserra a mega dance was held of children from all Mahatma schools, they performed dance colourfully.


A Fabulous 34th Cultural day was celebrated on 10.09.2016 in our school campus with energetic performance by children.

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Mahatma  34th Cultura Evening was celebrated on Saturday, 10th September at 5.30 p.m

at Mahatma, Baba Building presides with Chief Guest Mrs. SANGEETHA RANJITH (Executive Director, Soundararaja Mills,Dindigul.) and Guest of Honour Mr. V.ARIVAZHAGAN  (Poplo Arivukuyil).

Drama and Debate Workshop

Drama and Debate workshop was conducted for senior and junior students by Ms.Geetha from singapore.

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Drama and Debate workshop.

                               The Biggest entertainment of today is drama,Be it a stage or a cinema, it brings life solutions fun and values. The drama and debate were taught to our students by  Ms.Geetha.

Tree Planting

Our Children planting more than 100 trees around our school campus enthusiastically.

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                  Sunlight struggled hard to reach the soil beating the trees. Water filled everwhere making life sweeter. We enjoy reading line like these and live in this dreadful environment. Our earth it is a blue and green planet becoming brown and making our life black. To change this me palnt trees and maintain them.

Moonlight Dinner class VI VII

Play,eat and enjoy under the moonlight has been forgotten. We recreated the lost memory with our students, their parents.

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Play,eat and enjoy under the moonlight has been forgotten. We recreated the lost memory with our students, their parents.

Walk For Values

Our children "walk for great values" on 13.08.2016 with patriotic fervor.

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Trees are root bound,but break the bound with the shade,fragrance and fruits. They are the bubbling springs of air. They let us live us their life and death. Our students emphasixing the value of saving the environment went on a rally on 13.8.2016.

Independence Day

The 70th Independence day celebrated with patriotic fervor on 15th August 2015.Children from CBSE and Baba building performed excellently.

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When the world shed blood and was filled with gunshots and cry, a man thin and short was spinning the wheels and spun our minds together. When we faced weapons with love,the world wondered. We are liberated. We remember the sacrifices. We had sweets not for the sweet past but to make a sweet future. We remembered our leaders on the 70 th Independence day.

Yoga Day

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY Our school celebrated YOGA DAY on 21.06.2016.

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The day sets in,we breathe in and out. We bend our limbs and ourselves.You call it yoga,an exercise.We call it the union of body mind and soul that guarntees life with lasting peace. We observed "International Yoga day" by organising mass yoga session with blessings of......

SSGC Induction

SSGC Induction held on 24.06.2016 presided by Miss.Swetha alumnus.

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The drums beat and bugles blow.I was called the leader.I have no one to help except the honey bee.When I was seen by others strangely.I saw the bee friendly,I said " Do you work and let it be sweet to others". I got it and i am a leader.

ART & Science Expo

we celebrated carnival with art and science expo on 10th & 11th Feb 2016

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Story on Wheels, Dance marathon, games, food court combined with science and art expo marked the school carnival. Children made the art and science exhibits on the lines of UNO theme, soil. The School walls and space were covered in a riot of colors matching the fun and joy in children. A humble fund was generously collected from the sale of crafts items which created by children is meant for charity. The carnival was one joyful event but it left the understanding with the children the need, to share.

Republic Day

We celeberated our 67th Republic day in our school

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Mahatma Baba and CBSE celeberates the 67th Republic day with a patriotic fervour.The school was decorated with Indian flags.The Drivers and conductors hoisted the National flag.Girls sang patriotic songs.The senior principal gae an inspiring speech and appreciated the parents and students who took part in the celeberations.It ended with the national anthem.

Pongal Festival

We celebrated the pongal festival in a grand manner.

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We celeberated all the festivals and special days with grand manner.2016 pongal was also celeberated excellently and children enjoyed the preparation of pongal prepared at school

Mr.Viswanathan Anadh

The Grand Master NIIT master mind Viswanathan Anand was given a hearty and warm welcome by our school heads.

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The Grand Master NIIT master mind Mr. Viswanathan Anand was given a hearty and warm welcome by our school heads around 12.30 p.m.He was given a great lunch and attended press meet.Then He launched the mobile math lab and played chess with 20 of our students and gave autograph to our students.

Chennai Reflief fund

We mahatmites contributed food stuffs,clothing and bedsheets for chennai relief fund.

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Chennai was Badly devasted by the recent floods.Except a few areas,all the other areas were flooded and many lost their lives,property and even their dwelling places.Inorder to retain their lives from the floods and the heavy loss ,many generous minds have come forward to give their hands to support them. one such generous heart was the mahatmites as usual they are blessed with the spirit of charity ,they took this by helping them with food stuffs clothing , bedsheets and mates


we celebrated Reflection 2015 on December 5th in a grand manner.

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Mahatma's Reflections reflected excellently well this year also.More than 25 school's in and around madurai took part in the competitions and the programme was inaugrated by Mrs.Shubhra with lighting a lamp followed by different events from the kindergarden to senior secondary children and in the valediction we had the prize distributions with cash cheque of Rs.5000/- to the over all winner school,Rs3000/- to the second overall and rs.2000/- to the third school

Nakshtra Vidhyarthi

Mahatma announced the star student's of this year on 28-11-2015.

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Mahatma always take pride in innovating things,mahatma introduced Nakshatra vidyarthi for the best student of each class 2015-2016 award ceremony held on saturday 28-11-15.

Research and Development

Mahatma takes pride to reach yet another milestone.Yes,mahatma proudly inaugurated its Research and Development. center on 23 November 2015.

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Mahatma takes pride to reach yet another milestone.Yes,mahatma proudly inaugurated its Research and Development. center on 23 November 2015.The MAHATMA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER was inaugurated by prof.Dr.RajaGovindasamy the secretary of Mannar Thirumalai Naicker college.It began with a prayer song followed  by Mrs.Jackie and welcome speech by Mrs.Hamsa Priya.she introduced the chief guest and they were honoured.It ended with Mrs.Subha manikandan's vote of thanks.

Children's Day Celeberation

We celebrated our Children's day in a grand manner.

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The evergreen Children's day was celeberted with all its fun and frolic entertaining the children.The teachers of all the levels sang songs,danced,performed skits,mime shows etc and filled the children with laughter.

Limca Book of Record

This year Mahatma has registered LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS in Kalamkari painting.

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Mahatma is always proud in initiating new findings in the feild of education ,teaching techniques.child development,communication and personality skills.This year mahatma has made its four school children to take part in Kalamkari painting at the same time and same place and on th same day.For registering mahatmas in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS.More than eleven thousand childrern from LKG to Higher secondary took part.It was like an ART YAGHNA.People fron various sources visited and appreciated the management,staff and children.

Diwali Celeberation

Deepavali the festival of lights was celebrated on the 7th of November 2015 with all its splendor and festivity.

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Diwali the festival of lights was celeberated on the 7th November 2015 with all its splendor and festivity.our children performed various arts  and entertained their fellow  mates.They enchanted with melodious songs,stunning dances,skit and quiz and what not.It began with an conversation between two of our teachers,followed by the significance of celebrarting and preparation of  Rava Laddu by our IX teachers was mouthwatering and mind -blowing.Moreover our children brought lots of  sweets and savories for sharing and charity for the visually challenged people from sundrajanpaty.overall this Deepavali was an unforgottable and most memorable one for us in mahatma.

Drama Festival 2015-2016

We celebrated Drama festival on 28-10-2015

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The 2015 "Mahatma Drama Fest" held in the month of october with all its grandeur and festivity.Children enacted in with good spirits and made the festival a memorable one.The finals held on 28-10-2015 and the drama's were judged geniunely by eminent personalities of the city and they appreciated the children's talents and encouraged.

Navarathiri celeberation

Navarathiri was celebrated for 10 days from(13-10-15)to (22-10-2015.)

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As always this year (2015-2016) we celebrated Dussera,the doll festivel for 10 days from (13-10-2015) to (22-10-2015).we arranged the dolls in an right order as per our tradition and performed pooja everyday with a prasadam.This navarathiri festivel was in its grandeur and all of us were blessed by the divine godess.

Khel Ganapathy

Vinayagar chathurthi was celebrated on 16.9.2015.

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This year 2015-2016 Ganesh Chathurthi was celebrated with full festive vigour.we celebrated it as a "Khel Ganapathy Chathurthi". We symbolized our ganapathi with all the sports equipments and worshipped him as Khel Ganapathy with flowers and fruits.

32nd Cultural Fiesta

Mahatma group of schools celebrated 32nd "ANNUAL CULTURAL FIESTA"held on 04 September 2015

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 A collaborative event,depicting the UNO themes of the year was the 32nd ANNUAL CULTURAL FIESTA of the mahatma group of schools. "Weather the stress and light up your spirits to enjoy the culture of the soil" were the words engrossed on the welcome board. Honourable Justice Mrs.S.Vimala,High court judge,madurai not only offered her valuable presence also enthralled the audience by her precious speech.Mrs.Lakshmi Murugesan, the Paramount textile mills(p)ltd was the guest of honour.The guests honoured the co-curricular teachers of the school who trained all the students for their mind blowing performances.

                       The student instrumentalists,extraordinary performance stole the hearts of the audience.The vocalists mesmerised with the song created on the themes.The dance,dramas of the three schools of mahatma reminded us the historical,patriotic and literary fervour.Thanks to the audience for taking part in the spectaular closing cermony and universal prayer therafter.                              

Raksha Bandan

Raksha bandan was celebrated on 28 August 2015.

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Raksha bandan has brought in a bond of brother-sister relationship among the classmates.They reminded the love and duty between each other by tying rakhis.A story telling also took place on Krishna and Draupadi and king puru in the assembly.

Onam Festival

Onam was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm 28 August 2015.

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Onam was celebrated withgreat zeal and enthusiasm on 28 August 2015.The boys presented kalari dance which is a martial art form of kerala and enacted the boat of palliodam to significally ensure feeding the poor on onam.Pookolams were displayed in all the areas to add fervor to the celebration.

Finearts Club

Finearts club was held on 21 August 2015.

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Finearts club was held on 21 August 2015.Students presented top 5 dance styles of the world.The club leader addressed the audience with a powepoint presentation on Fine arts.Students with special talents were performed Bharathanatyam on skating wheels,Gymnastics with dance movments,solved rubics cube in 1 minute and painted the floor with rangoli in dance.

Literary Club

The Literary Club was held on 14 Aug 2015.

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The Literary Club was held on 14 August 205. The students displayed Various programmes like favourite book character dress up, Grammar Dance, Literary Quiz and Proverb enaction.

MSSC Volleyball Tournaments 2015-16

Our school hosted the MSSC Volleyball Tournaments on 15th August 2015.

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Mahatma CBSE hosted the MSSC 2015 Volleyball Tournaments on 15th August 2015.CBSE schools from southern district of Tamilnadu participated.The Tournaments started around 9 AM with opening ceremonyand ended at 5 PM.

69th Independence Day

Our School celebrated 69th Independence day on 15 August 2015 with Patriotic fervor...

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The 69th Independence day celebrated with patriotic fervor on 15th August 2015.Children from CBSE and Baba building performed excellently.Inculcating Patriotism.

Essay Writing Competition

Essay Writing Competition was held on August 14th for class IX.

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Essay Writing Competition was held on August 14th for class IX on the topic 'My India My freedom'. This competition is organised by teh 'Write Wiz - Reyanolds' for class IX as they are undergoing the handwriting programme for the year.


Reading Challenge Program

The Reading Challenge Program has been inaugurated on 15th July 2015.

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The Reading challenge program has been inaugurated on 15 July 2015. The students will take up the challenge to read 6 books in a six weeks time. The program is being organised by the British Council.


English Teachers Workshop

The English Teachers attended the workshop on 8 August 2015 conducted by the Cambridge University. It was on 'Receptive Skills'

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The English Teachers attended the workshop on 8 August 2015 conducted by the Cambridge University. It was on 'Receptive Skills'

Annual Sports Meet 2015 - '16

Mahatma Group of Schools Celebrated the 32nd Annual Sports Meet on 7th August 2015.

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Mahatma Group of Schools Celebrated the 32nd Annual Sports Meet on 7th August 2015. Mr.Samant Rohan Rajendra IPS, the District Commissioner of Police, Madurai declared open the sports valedictory. Mr.Mariappan the paraolympian was the guest of honour and gave a special performance of Long Jump. Mrs.Subhra distributed the prizes for the champions. The students performed various drill displays and cocuricular activities.



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Ramzan Celebration

Our students celebrated Ramadan in school assembly on 15/7/15.

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Our students presented how the Ramalan festival is celebrated, what is the importance of Ramalan and fasting porridge. They distributed the fasting porridge to every one in the school as a sign of the festival.

Sahodhaya Handball Meet

Sahodhaya Handball Tournament held on 11.07.2015. Venue : Sathya vidyalaya CBSE School, Rajapalayam

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Our students participated in the Handball tournament and won in the following categories. 

Under 19 : Boys Winner Up

Under 16 : Girls Winner Up

Under 16 : Boys Runner Up

Under 14 : Boys Runner Up

Congradulations to all by the Managent, Principal, Teachers and Students. We are so proud of them.

Value camp

Our student from class XI,XII were went to alagarkovil for value camp on 04.07.2015.

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Blood Camp

Mahatma CBSE and Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre organised Blood camp in our Campus on 27/06/2015.

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Prime Math Session

Training Session for Maths Teachers

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Mrs.Tashin , Regional Head of Scholastic ,India gave a training for class I and II teachers at our school campus.

International Yoga Day

Observed First International Yoga day at our school premise.

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The International Yoga Day was observed on 23rd June at the school assembly. Children from Class Kindergarten to class XI participated in the event. 

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation starts from April 30th for KG to Grade IX students

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